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Sassoon Branding Agency

Brand Strategy & Creative Advertising Services

We are a full service design agency that thrives off of creativity, passion and new ideas. We look to help brands by finding out what they want, how they can achieve their goals, and what we can do to help them get noticed by their consumers.

Web Development & Graphic Design Team:

Our team has extensive experience in print and digital design, with expertise in creating a cohesive brand messaging across multiple platforms, incorporating marketing, promotions, digital media, and photography. With decades of freelance, consulting, and in-house experience, our work merges strong client facing skills with a commitment to delivering high quality, branded visual solutions.

About Sassoon

Sassoon takes pride in providing our clients with innovative branding and design concepts. We take our client’s web development projects to the next level and combine our knowledge in Search Engine Optimization and marketing to ensure that your website will be ranked within the first few search engine results.

Sassoon has been commissioned to provide photography and film services for various venues including several resorts and hotels. Sassoon also provides architectural and real estate photography for clients throughout Long Island and New York City. Our lead photographer has over 40 years of experience in the field and some of our work has sold to esteemed clients such as Estee Lauder and the President of the MoMA Museum.

Our clients include: The Villa Roma Resort and Conference Center, The Gansevoort Hotel Group, WCBSFM 101.1, Loan Lawyers LLC, Premis Cognac, Noble Realty, Paw Flex, Sperry Top-Sider, and The Capelli Collection.

E-mail marketing campaigns

Social Media Marketing

E-commerce websites development

Web projects usability testing

Modern communication technology

Website Design & Development

Development and user experience goes a long way when browsing a site. Being able to navigate swiftly and smoothly, as you transition through pages should be a no brainer.

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Brand Strategy

The starting point or foundation for your business to become successful starts here.  We are a full service brand engagement firm dedicated to connecting customers to  brands at the very moments they’re likely to make decisions.

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Creative Advertising Services

Advertising is more than promoting a product or service. Successful advertising is a means by which an individual is introduced to and gets to know a product, company or concept.

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Sassoon Branding Vision

We are a proud agency of experienced, talented and modest design professionals. The ultimate inspiration for us is to watch our clients succeed because of the achievements our work has produced.

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